Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mediterranean Nap Original painting by Catherine Nolin

Here is my newest painting inspired by my love of bold pattern and color and of course cats. If you are wondering if my cat looks like this one, since I seem to paint this type of cat a lot, the answer is that I don't actually have a cat! I have had many felines over the years and striped tabby's are my favorite. I plan on getting another one some day but Abbey our yellow lab didn't do too well with Barney our last tiger cat. Barney took off when we brought Abbey home. My kids say they have actually seen him living in another neighborhood. He just couldn't handle a young goofy yellow lab puppy so he packed up and left. Now, I am afraid if I bring home a little crazy kitten , Abbey now 8 years old, will take off and move to another neighborhood. I can't have that.

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