Thursday, July 2, 2020

It feels like a Saturday yet it's a Thursdays.  It's been almost 3 weeks since my mother left us.  The night before she died, I had Sam  face-time her and although neither Sam not my mother could speak I felt they both connected one final time.  My sister Deb was there to hold the phone for my mother and she opened her eyes several times.  It's so hard to believe she is really gone.  I still live in the town we grew up in and everything reminds me of her.  She loved looking at my paintings and always acted surprised when I told her that I  sold one- as though it was my first! Painting is the only thing that keeps me from thinking about her or anything for that matter.  I am so glad it works that way for me at least.  Everyone says  "TGIF  "  I say TGIM  Thank God It's Monday.  I am working on a variety of new pieces some on small canvas squares which I am really enjoying.  I have a few still lifes in the works as well as beautiful interesting women, animals and interiors.  
Happy Independence day 2020.