Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winner of Fine Art Giveaway!

Theresa Cheeks from http://artstheanswer.blogspot.com/ is the new winner . Congratulations Theresa. Please email me directly so I can send you a matted and framed fine art print of your choice from my Etsy Shop!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Good Morning
Thank you all for taking the time and writing such lovely comments. I used the Random Generator but I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the results but anyway the winner is LUCY. I have no other way of contacting her accept through this blog. She didn't leave any info. So Lucy if you are out there Please email me your info so I can send you the framed fine art print of your choice.
I will be posting my next Giveaway July 1st. Be sure to check back. Catherine

Friday, June 18, 2010

Takes Me To Another Place.

When I take on a commission painting it is usually a different type of adventure. I suppose because it's really someone else's painting full of their ideas that I translate. For instance, using colors combinations I would otherwise have not chosen, and details and objects that are only personal to them. I love that. I always learn something new about myself as well. Many times I never meet my clients in person, so I have an image in my head of what they look like, what type of person they are while I am painting. Even choosing the right music to listen to while I am working can certainly affects things.
I am half way through such a commission right now. I better get back to work...................

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dreaming Of Italy

This is a new painting I just finished today. It contains so many things I love, peonies, the Italian coast, orange and green, patron saints, birds, patterns and colors. I seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of the family trip to Sicily we took back in November of 09. I never once opened my sketch book there, but my jaw was dropped most of the time. A bit overwhelming i suppose. Anyway, this painting is 11x14 done on gallery wrapped cotton and linen. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop after I email a few customers who have been inquiring about this new painting. (Exciting position to be in !)
Don't forget to leave a comment and be entered into my Giveaway for June. Hope you are having a good Monday.

One more thing. this photo does not do justice to this painting I am afraid. I labor over taking photos of my work trying to take the most accurate shot possible but today was a little too cloudy and gray and I was to anxious to wait.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best Fine Art Giveaway for June!

Now that I have recovered from last weekend's art show I am ready to tell you about this months Giveaway! The winner will received an archival quality reproduction of any print in my Etsy shop matted and framed! The terms are simple: you must write a comment here telling me your favorite painting in my Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/catherine47 By the random counter on Google I will select a winner on Weds. June 30th!
This will be an 8x10 fine art reproduction matted and framed (11x14 frame) arriving at your door step!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Walks An Angel

I have always believed in angels. I have many stories of unexplained amazing happenings involving my family, especially my youngest son, Sam, and the existence of angels. No matter how much I try to rationalize the circumstances , I keep coming back to the fact that I have some sort of guardian angel. Someday I'll write about miracle one, two and three, but here is number four.
Sunday was the Beacon Hill Art Walk. The day called for rain and I was so disappointed. Displaying your art for any exhibit is a tremendous amount of work and with an out door show it's all about the weather. This year I had the largest collection of work ever and I was very excited to see my loyal customers for this very unique show.
I was given a location under the subway stop so I had shelter from the rain. I couldn't believe that up until 3 :00 it never even sprinkled once. There were lots of people and I was really happy to be there. My sister Rosalie visited with me off and on through out the day, bringing me drinks and sharing half her sandwich. Right as she was saying good bye around 3 pm, the sky suddenly turned dark gray. I asked her to wait a few minutes to help me if the rain started. People were still looking at my paintings in my tent but you could hardly see them. The rain started and became intense but the wind that came with it was like nothing I had ever experienced and it got worse and worse. We did all we could to hang on to our tent from blowing into Cambridge street. Lightening was flashing as we held onto the METAL poles of the tent. all my paintings were starting to fall off onto the ground, some were face down in the water, frames crashing. There were mini rivers of water running over my shoes. My son Zachary, who showed up to help me brake down at the end of the day, was holding as much together as he could and Rosalie and I were holding opposite poles of the tent down. I kept thinking it was going to stop but it went on. There was nothing we could do to save my work. I imagined other artists work flying through the air and hitting us too. But a young women came walking over and began to pick up my small paintings one by one, holding them safely in her arms and placings them in some random bags that were blowing around. She was like the calm steady force in the midst of chaos. We all watched her as we hung on to the tent from crashing over saying thank you thank you. Then she was gone but the wind and rain raged on and the top of my tent blew off and we were really in trouble with my larger paintings, with the heavy frames, falling all around us. She then reappeared and asked me what she could do at that point. She had to go behind what was left of my tent and get the large bin I stored my big painting in. She did and we handed her the biggest painting. I thanked her over and over again and then she was gone. To make a long story short - The rain and wind slowed down and we were able to pack up. Driving home my heart was so heavy because every single one of my paintings had been rained on and bumped and bruised. I was sure most of them were damaged beyond repair. When we arrived home my husband and other son were waiting with towels and blanket to wipe everything down and acesss the damage. I could only find one small scratch on one painting which I can re varnish. I wish I knew who that young girl was. I would like to give her a painting for helping us the way she did. But I am not sure if angles have places to keep their paintings?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I thought I would share some photos of my crazy studio that I took today. It's chaos when I am getting ready for an exhibit. ( actually it always looks this way) My husband can't understand how I can think straight never mind paint with the disorganization. When I went to Sicily with my five older sisters in November, he actually cleaned and organized it for me. It was an unbelievable surprise and it did give me a fresh start after being away. I am about to begin a commission painting and this coming weekend is the Beacon Hill Art Walk. This will be my 10th year ( I think.) Last year the weather was glorious and it's all about the weather! I will be there Sunday June 6th on West Cedar Street from 11 to 6.
I am equally excited about starting a new commission painting! This customer has requested only a few key things she would like in the painting and the rest she is leaving up to me. It's a surprise for her husband which makes it even more meaningful.