Saturday, May 25, 2019

The sun is so bright shining through my studio window I can hardly see, but so happy it  is warmer and not raining.  Today we pick up Sam for the day and Scott will bring him to see my mother as he always does at the nursing home.  It's the highlight of her day, life I suppose.  She tells him the same story of the three little pigs, even though he is twenty five  now, as always.  I am grateful she is still here at 91 mother of seven.  Looking forward to getting back to work in the studio  next week before vacation begins! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Begin Again

 After each painting that I complete I am excited to begin again!  I never have trouble finding inspiration.  It seems to be everywhere for me lately. The picture of Max my son and my sister Joyce was taken at  The Cloisters in New York.  An amazing place which helped inspired me to paint my angel. 
 Today is 60 degree  but the sun has only made a few appearances so far.  I began my day cooking Sam's food for the next several days since he is on a highly specialize diet that only I can properly prepare but I've started writing it down in case I am unable to at my husband's request!  It's a time consuming task, cooking 95% off all the food he eats at his residence but I wouldn't have it any other way. It works and I have it down pretty well.  I just can't seem to cook for my husband and myself!
Going forward, I am starting  a still life with some interesting features.    I also plan on another Tree Of Life  and a piece with a piano again sometime soon.   I am excited to paint now that I've shipped all my print order and paintings for the week.  I love my studio time. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

A village of Angels.

It's been quite a while since I have written anything here.  Things have been so crazy- busy in a good way, but I've missed blogging about my work and how it relates  to my life .  It's funny how paintings and ideas evolve for me which are not planned out but end up making perfect sense!  It's as though something out there, something greater,  is at work shaping things, or at least I 'd like to think so!  A few years ago I painted an angel which I believe resides in China, when Sam was going through a profoundly difficult time.  I was beside myself with anxiety and pain for what he was going through because I was helpless .  Having a nonverbal child (young adult)  who can only speak through self injury is one of the worst feelings of helplessness for a parent.  I suppose painting an angel helped me work through the pain, his pain and knowing it was out of my control and that perhaps something greater than myself was out there ready to grant a miracle. 
Sam now twenty five is doing so much better than I could ever imagine after what he went through for years.  Some of it is truly accepting things I cannot change but also dramatically changing the things I can.  I should say "We" because my husband is a big part of that.  It literally took a village (  of angels)  but he is now  sleeping better than ever, use to sleep only  3 hours a night then up for the day at midnight,  had horrible dental issues but now  we have an amazing  dentist, his ulcerative colitis is kept in check without harsh medications, has loving people, therapists,  taking care of him and the list goes on!   We face many challenges ahead with his limited communication but he has an awareness and  understanding like never before.  I am truly grateful for the many angels in his life watching over him.  So I'll keep painting angels and keep looking upward.