Monday, October 7, 2019

My last painting

Tomorrow, God willing, I will be wrapping up this new painting that I am quite excited about.  This is just a cell phone shot,  which doesn't capture the detail, shadows and depth of colors .   We leave a week from Thursday (my birthday)  for Italy! We will be visiting my son Maxwell in Florence and then off to Chianti as well as Cinque terre.   Scott and I have never traveled so far together because  of Sam but my awesome oldest son will hold down the fort for the time we are away.   
 This is my last painting for a while.    I wanted to create a  classic interiors with a favorite narrative. I have put many long hours into this painting I've lost track.  Some of the furniture is from Get The Gusto ~an amazing shop of art, objects and furniture in Florida.  
Thanks for stopping by.  Catherine