Saturday, September 28, 2019

Peacock Place and Hide and Seek 2 new paintings

Lately I have been living vicariously through my son Max's time in Florence Italy.  He is there taking an intensive workshop at the Florence Academy Of Art learning the old masters techniques.  He calls me everyday on his way home to discuss what he has learned.  I am so proud and excited for him during this once in a life time experience.  I cannot wait to visit in October and see for myself! 
I am enjoying working in these rich jewel tones.  I am a huge fan of 16th and 17th century classical still life paintings especially Dutch .  I see both of these pieces in a baroque style gold frame.  
I have had quite a few calls for more Tree Of Life paintings but I can only paint them when I feel inspired to do so.  They are coming but at the right time.  Thanks for looking and stay tuned! 
Enjoy the fall foliage.   

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hide And Seek- 14x18 still life

   My classic still life .  I worked on this piece a lot longer than I anticipated but I am so excited with the results. The colors are so rich, luminous  and  lovely.  I was so excited that I forgot to crop the left side I see! Anyway, so far this fall I am so busy and grateful with work .  Max leaves for Florence Monday for 3 months to study at The Florence Academy of Art and in about 4 weeks Scott and I will be visiting him.  I am also grateful for my son Zach and his wife Kayla who will be looking after Sam when we go.  

I have so many ideas in the works and wish I had more time to execute.