Friday, June 24, 2016

What I'm working on...

Here's a peek at my latest painting.  I am in animal mode.   
 Earlier this week, my neighbor required my assistance in rescuing a robin which had become caught in some fishing line.  The string was tightly bound to it's delicate feet.   While my neighbor held this beautiful  bird,  I very carefully snipped around it's little feet.  It was amazing to see a wild bird up close for me.  
A few weeks earlier on my way home from visiting Sam,  3 baby ducklings ran across the busy  road without their mother obviously off course.  I stopped,along with another woman,  and  we brought them back to the pond and waited a while but the mothers was no where to be found.  An  owl and then a blue heron flew by it was dusk so rather than leave them we brought them to the animal hospital. Inspiring but nothing to do with bear right? 
 Bears are on my list of favorite creatures especially to paint. Since I've done a few brown bears I felt like painting a velvety black one.  I love that splash of tan on the nose. It's a fun piece . 16x20 

 It's been a long time since I have mentioned Sam my son who is now 22 and living in a group home the next town over. 
I must report that Sam is doing better than ever before.  He had been through some really challenging times last year and I am so grateful for his improvements.  I still continue to make all his food  since his special diet is so complex, which gives me great peace of mind.  Like my big sister told me yesterday -I don' t know what tomorrow will bring but for today I am happy and at peace for this day.  I wish you the same. 

Sam last weekend 

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