Friday, June 27, 2014

Daisy's Weekend Retreat -New Painting now available

 Sam is on a 7 day vacation so I wont be back in the studio until July 7th. This is my newest painting I finished just in time for the break.  In my excitement to post this piece I didn't shoot it square on in the photo which is why you see a bend on the right corner but it is straight in real life! Anyway, I really got lost in really in creating this one.  Daisy works in the city but every Friday she heads for the Island and to her Grandmother's house.  I use to love playing badminton on the Cape.  I wish our backyard was big enough to set up a net.
This piece is 16x12 painted on stretched canvas and the sides are painted.
  I wish you all a great weekend and 4th.  Sam and I will be cruising around next week.  
click this link below to purchase:

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