Friday, June 22, 2012

Giveaway on Facebook

I've been feeling a little sorry for myself this week,  between a botched root canal and then twisting my knee getting up from a chair.  What the heck is happening to my body when a simple maneuver can result in such pain.  I must be turning 50 this year!

I am having a pretty nice Giveaway on Facebook.  If you haven't already liked my" Fan Page"!/catherinenolinart   This is not my regular Facebook but my fan page.  I am trying to keep my Facebook page for more personal, family oriented news and my fan page strictly for promoting my art.  I am giving away an 8x10 matted and framed fine art print. Check it out when you have a chance. 
By the way, after next week, I wont be posting any new work for a bit. My son Sam will be home for his summer vacation and it's all hands on deck.  Catherine

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