Friday, October 7, 2011

What a difference a day makes.

What a difference a day makes.   Last weekend, while at the movies   I started experiencing some vision issues in my left eye which I ignored.  A few days later   I started noticing some numbness on my left side of my face at which point I began to worry a bit but still kept going about my day.  It wasn’t until my husband came home from work that evening did I end up going to the ER upon his request (demand). 
 To make a long story short, I was admitted so that they could do a series of tests to rule out that I wasn’t having a stroke or even the beginnings of an aneurism!  The thought that my life could change in an instant was horrifying.   The thought of not being able to function and do all the things I do never crossed my mind until that moment.  Many of us take our health and our bodies so for granted each day.   After staying overnight in the hospital all the tests were negative   According to the neurologist, it may have been a migraine variant.  It was certainly a wake up call for me to stop putting off the 30 minute walk I said I was going to start doing each morning (about three years ago) since I’ve gained some weigh and I have a sedentary job.  As a painter, I sometimes sit for hours and hours getting so caught up in my work I have no idea how long it has been!  The day I left the hospital was a new beginning for me.   Thanks for listening but I have to go now for my walk!
PS. I am working on such a great new painting I can’t wait to post it. 


Joji said...

So glad everything is alright. I know what you mean about starting that walking program. I just did for my own health scare. I can only go for about 15 min. but its a start and I'm moving. Good luck and get on the move.

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

glad all is well ... and start on those walks!

La Petite Gallery said...

Catherine, So happy you are alright.
I have been in the Hosp waiting for results. It is such a scary feeling. Especially when you are all alone.

stay well

Suzanne Roberts said...

Glad to hear everything worked out for you. I also had a near death experience and went to the ER because of my husbands demand....thank heavens. I then began to paint and it has been my therapy.
I do want to comment on your art work, I think it is exciting and I love your colorful pallet. I will be following your blog. Glad I found your site.