Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Susan Interrupted

I came across a great old photo of my mother Susan DeQuattro the other day.  It was taken when she 20 years old.   She already had   three young daughters.  Such an iconic image of her.   A time of beautiful clothing, with attention to details.   I am daughter number 6, and yes there is a 7th, a son.  
  She is almost 83 years old now, still drives to the Mass everyday as long as the weather permits.  She may have become "Susan Interrupted "raising 7 children, but now she has 7 grown  children all around her. 


La Petite Gallery said...

That says a lot. I should have had more than one. LOL

This is beautiful. Is she a family member?


TK said...

This is beautiful...as is your mother & the life that is her story - interrupted or not!!! Thankyou for your colour, drama & inspiration, it has totally made my week!!! I am so glad I found your blog!! TK xx