Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Evening Art Show

I 'm  glad I was able to finish this painting this morning, because  I think I am getting sick! Anyway, this new painting is quite eclectic,  wouldn't you say?  I especially love how the wallpaper came out.  My husband is somewhat of a star gazer so I decided to incorporate a little moon theme.  The other references are just things that I love.  This piece is 11x14 painted on stretched canvas.  The sides have been painted so no frame is needed. 


Anonymous said...

the evening sky has an almost mystical quality to it....but then the rest of the image is like normal life...inspiring juxtaposition....love it..

Little Leslie said...

I love the wallpaper too. Is the gentleman in the picture a nod to Magritte? Love your stuff!

Catherine Nolin said...

Yes, I love Magritte! I remember when I was younger, about 10 yrs, I wanted to design men's clothes. I use to love picking out my dad's suits shirt and tie combos for church. He also had a derby like the one in the painting.

Catherine Nolin said...

Thanks Maureen for all your comments.

Ampersand Design said...

It's gorgeous Catherine.

I too am a Magritte fan. Congrats on the feature in Surroundings latest online magazine.

Sandy K