Friday, March 18, 2011

Sneak Peak of my newest painting.

Even though I haven't put the finishing touches on this new painting, I decided since it's Friday I'd post it anyway.  After being interviewed by Linda Merrill for her magazine, "Surrounding"  I began to think back on my days in the mid 80's as a clothing buyer, taking the shuttle to New York City, going to all the beautiful showrooms and dreaming about being an actual fashion designer. 
That's where the idea for this painting came from.  I am still very much interested in textile design and I'm working on some very interesting designs also.  I will properly post this painting as soon as I add the finishing touches.  Have a great weekend.  Catherine 


Karena said...

Catherine a huge congrats for being featured at my frind Linda's in her magazine!

Adore this painting and your inspiration behind it. Excellent perspective! Lets talk!

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Art by Karena

ZenziB said...

Gorgeous. I love the stories that go along with your creations too.

Little Leslie said...

I was a rep in the clothing business for over 10 years. I think that's why I identify with your work. I love textiles and of course clothes. I used to sell dresses. Maybe you remember TD4 and Casadei, and New Leaf. They were after 5 and prom dresses. I was in Los Angeles.
small world.

La Petite Gallery said...

I see the view of Boston?
Wach and every painting is so
You. You have got style.. yvonne

designchic said...

It's gorgeous!!

kristen said...

yet another one to love!