Friday, May 8, 2020

Waiting for the paint to dry.

 Between not being able to bring our son home on the weekends and not seeing my mother weekly, you would think I would be writing  more blog posts.     The truth is,  I am painting a lot more and my online print shop is busier than ever,  so here I am literally waiting for a few layers of paint to dry on my latest pieces.  Yes, I am painting two at once !
 A little update, Maxwell has moved to Belfast Maine where he is doing terrific with a long wait list for portraits. I am so proud of him and he now gives me painting tips.  Zachary is fortunate to be riding out the virus with his wife in beautiful Scarborough Maine.  Since he is also an artist he can work from anywhere.   Sam is actually doing pretty wonderful as well.  We though not coming home would have a real negative impact on his overall being, but he has been great with no meltdowns or sickness.  I am truly grateful that my mother, soon to be 92 has come out of a series of infections and now appears to be improving dramatically.  My heart goes out to all those suffering from this terrible virus and their loved ones.  I feel for all the small businesses and jobs affected as well.   Art might not be essential but film, literature, television, music, visual art, are certainly helping me get through this time.  Take care.

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