Friday, June 29, 2018


I am a Thank God It's Monday person. 
 This is the time of year that I have to slow things down, with my art that is.  It's a time to work on some commission pieces I have due, but also forces me to take a vacation.  Vacation time is more stressful- if that makes any sense.  I love working so much and I actually feel a bit sad to have to break away.  My husband works really hard and deserves any time off he gets.  I work really hard as well, but it's different when you are creating things, mixing colors and patterns -excited about the whole process from start to finish.  what might be!
July is also a reflective month for me.  My mother had a stroke at the end of January.  90 years old mother of seven ranging in age from 70 to 50.  She has bounced back in many ways and has had some ups and downs over the past 6 months.  I am amazed at what the body can endure.  She is somewhat stable now but a part of her is gone.  It's pretty difficult to accept the changes or even the fact that she may not be here much longer.  I am really trying to see her in a positive light at this moment, right here/ right now and not dwell on how it use to be.  It's hard to do, but the other way is a waste of precious time.  One of the many lessons I've learned from Sam. 

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