Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What's Going On. New painting

Completed on 10-4- I've had a 9x12 wood panel in my studio for a while and thought it might be time  to do so a few small pieces in between my larger scale paintings.  The two red spheres or marbles actually have meaning.  My son Sam has developed an obsession with them .  A total sensory thing so naturally I bought A LOT of them because when you have a child ( young adult) with autism anything they take an interest in is huge! They can be found all over my house now rolled into every corner! The cats are thrilled but if you step on one it can be very dangerous!.  
Anyway, this is my new piece in keeping with the seasons. 9x12 with painted sides.  I have a few customer who buy my paintings as gifts for weddings, special birthdays, anniversary's .  Most people don't think of buying original art as a gift but it really is a lovely gesture.  Christmas is not too far away as well. 
for sale on my website.  www.catherinenolin.org 

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La Petite Gallery said...

Catherine this Owl is awesome. I love him.
You are such a great painter. I have no space on my walls.
my work is in the Art shop. Enjoy this wonderful weather.