Friday, November 21, 2014

Lovely Distraction

 This is my work space.  It started out really nice and organized but I can't ever seem to keep it that way.  Scott always comes in and shakes his head and wonders how I can find anything, never mind create works of art! I'm pretty busy and I don't really care I guess.  All I need is my easel,  my paints and I could work anywhere if I am inspired.  These two guys are somewhat of a lovely distraction as well.
I am working on a few commissions right now, one will be heading off to the Land Down Under and the other to the Big Apple! As usual,  my son Sam will be coming home for the Thanksgiving break and then for a week at Christmas.  This is my busiest time of year and yet I have the least amount of time.  This happens every year but somehow it all works out. 
I'm pretty excited about 2015.  I have been asked to illustrate a children's book on climate change . It's quite an honor for me.   It's part of a bigger global project involving some amazing artist's and writers.  More info to follow.  In case I don't have a chance to write another blog post, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your loved ones. 


La Petite Gallery said...

Wishing you a wonderful visit with your Son. Inspired is the word, I am trying to paint, but too many irons in the fire now. With the crazy weather, shopping and the Holidays creepin up. Sending you lots of happiness for Thanksgiving. yvonne

Catherine Nolin said...

Thank you Yvonne Best to you and yours in Maine.