Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nelle mani di Dio-New painting

This painting has been a real journey for me.  It's pretty amazing how the ideas come together subconsciously but then make perfect sense to me in the end.  I've been hitting many rough patches with my son and painting is my coping mechanism, a way to be in control, to establish some order in an otherwise out of control situation.  For a long time I have been so fascinated with renaissance art both Italian and northern.   The beautiful red coral that is often depicted in paintings  with the Madonna and child   was believed to protect against childhood disease and to avert evil.   It 's still seen as good luck in Mediterranean countries. You may recognize some other items as well.   I just love the symbolism. There are two nests in the tree which are hard to see in the photo.   I named this painting Nelle mani di Dio-"In God's Hands"  for obvious reasons.  Thank you stopping by. 
It's painted on stretched canvas and is 20x16.  To purchase click link below
 This painting has sold.


Jennifer said...

Dear Catherine, I love your artwork. Had a look at your new so much of your work it evoked exquisite nuances; similar to memories but not quite. Perhaps one day we might see a beautiful illustrated book of yours, a memoir notating your synchronicities.

Glenna said...

I paint also, not professionally, but as a way to cope with life. I raised a son with Tourettes and painting is my therapy. You are not alone on this difficult journey. Your art is amazing.