Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back In the Studio

Well, I am back in my studio or should I say my new studio.  I finally moved from my basement studio with artificial lighting and tight quarters to a large airy room on our second floor home with tons of natural light coming through the cathedral windows. The old studio served me well for 6 years.  I almost feel unworthy of this great space.   I appreciate all the work my husband did  to get me in here.  His back isn't what it use to be! Anyway, I took about 10 days off to care for my son  Sam who by now you know has autism and other complex health issues.  The week started out great however by Weds. something seemed to be wrong.  He is nonverbal so this makes helping him so very difficult and sometimes heart breaking for me.  He has had tremendous dental issues over the years and they are the most feared.  We were able to bring him to the dentist yesterday and he has several major issues that can only be treated in the OR and now we have to wait for a slot.  They were able to do a few things to take him out of major discomfort for now.  Sam has endured so much over the years. When I dwell on his condition,  I grow angry thinking, why does he have to have all these other problems, isn't autism enough God? Somehow though, he is able to cope and we all get through it. He is truly a suffering saint as my mother would say. Wonderful people are taking care of him who truly love him and want the best as well.   Instead of allowing myself to remain in a state of panic and worry about what is going to happen, today I choose to reflect on all the positives in his life.  The negatives will not help him.   This is a picture from Monday I took him to my sister's restaurant for a lobster

in  Portland Maine.  It was a great day!


Lola Martínez said...

God bless You and Your Wonderful Family, dear Catherine.



Catherine Nolin said...

Thank you Lola.