Saturday, May 5, 2012

Commission For Laurel

This is a commission piece I created as a graduation gift from mother to daughter.  The mother shared with me some background on her daughter telling me "she is the strongest person I know."
At the age of 12 she was severely injured in  a car accident with multiple skull fractures and trauma to her head which left her with learning disabilities.   She endured  a series of  surgeries and  rehabilitation.  While other  girls  her age were becoming interested in boys, going to dances and doing their nails this young lady was learning how to read again.  Her mother told me she never complained or asked "Why me?  "
Next month she is receiving her Master's Degree from the University of Washington.  I was very happy to paint this tribute .


Jane Sorgetz said...

Lindo trabalho, gostei muito !!!
Abra├žos Jane

Karolyn said...

I have tears!! So inspirational, and a bestifil painting for a beautiful child!