Thursday, December 29, 2011

Susan Interrupted

This painting has sold .  If you would like to view more of paintings available  go to:
Monday I will be back in my studio.  My son Sam has been home all week and things have been going very well with him.  He's gone through  a lot and  finally seems to be feeling better.  I couldn't  ask for a better Christmas gift. 
I am so excited to get back to work.  This week has provided me with many ideas for new painting.     New things in  store for my Etsy Shop  as well.  Happy 2012!


The enchanted home said...

I am happy to hear the news about your son, not sure what was wrong but to see our kids happy and healthy is the ulitimate gift, I so agree!
Your paintings continue to inspire and awe truly have a beautiful talent.
Happy New Year!

Catherine Nolin said...

Hi enchanted home. Thank you for leaving all the nice comments over this past year. My son who has autism also developed ulcerative colitis. he is nonverbal so it is very difficult to know what exactly is going on with him. Thankfully, we just found a new medication that is helping without the terrbile side effects. he is very sensitive to meds. He is more peaceful and healing now. He is my greatest inspiration.