Friday, February 11, 2011

Nature Network

  I have had many requests to create some larger botanical, bird themed paintings. Therefore,  I am very excited to post this new painting today.  The colors are more vivid and luscious  in person .  It was such a joy for me creating this special painting.  The dimensions are 20 across by 16 long.  painted on stretched canvas.  The sides have been painted so no frame is needed.    


Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,
Love the botanicals...they are so escape from Eden too...which is pretty with the botanicals all around..

La Petite Gallery said...

This is just breath taking. I like the highlighted area in the center, brings your eye to the center. Your
colors are fantastic.


La Petite Gallery said...

I just heard, congratulations on the Hosp. award thingy. My My!
You are getting to be a Famous Lady.
Follow that yellow brick road.
You are such a talent. i am still trying to get back a relationship with my oils and brushes.
Have a relaxing Sunday.
Love Love Love
my Painting you gave me.

LENE said...

Hi Catherine
I am simply crazy with your paintings! Therefore I have written and shown some of them on my blog today. I hope you do not have anything against it?
You can find the blog here:
I love your colors and designs and look forward to following your blog.
Wish you a great week!

agnes szucs said...

this is beautiful! so rich!