Monday, October 11, 2010

Lily In The Valley

Growing up my Dad wasn't much of a gardener, or lawn care- taker for that matter. It just wasn't a priority. Even as a young child, I couldn't help noticing the golf course looking lawns on either side of ours. We had too much shade for grass to grow he would say. It's no wonder that when a patch of lilies of the valley (they like shade) came back every year in our yard, I was in awe of them.
I still love them along with their lovely fragrance and try to include them in my paintings often.
This new painting is 8x10 and the sides have been painted so no frame is needed. For sale in my Etsy shop. I am obviously crazy for peonies also, I hope to plant some next year in my yard if I can find a sunny spot since my yard is too shady~



Hello !
Your paintings are amazing !
I love colors and motifs...
Have a nice day,

Susan said...

beautiful-beautiful paintings & stories- thank you for sharing. thanks for stopping by my blog and for following, I truly appreciate it :)
now I am a follower of yours!