Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Bye Keeper Of The Shade

Never a dull moment at our house. This past weekend we woke to the sound of two huge limbs falling off our beloved oak tree . The two limbs that broke off this massive tree were trees themselves. We are fortunate that they fell away from our home and no one was hurt. However, my husband Scott was very sad when we were told the rest of the massive tree had to go.

It was more than just a big tree in our yard. It provided a beautiful canopy that made our fire pit cozy, where we would sit with friends and family, it was also the home of "Kevin" a feisty red squirrel (we named him that after someone he reminded us of) and who knows how many other animals and birds. It also provided a branch for Sam's swing and kept our house cool in the summer. The yard looks pretty bare and exposed now. Scott asked the tree people to leave the stump so we could use it as a table and a remembrance of our big oak tree.

But as usual , when a door closes a window always seems to open. We can look forward to actually growing vegetables next season with all the sun pouring in, and more light filling our home.

I will be posting a new painting hopefully today!


dec0r8or said...

I'm so sorry about your tree! I can relate. We had a big beautiful willow tree next to our old house, that got struck by lightening and fell over. My daughter and her cousin used to play under that tree, and make forts under its branches, and it was a great barrier between us and our neighbors. The silver lining was that I had a sunny garden on that side of the house the following year, which I had not had before! Good for you for looking at the bright side. I like that you saved the stump to use as a table. Great idea!

Susan said...

I am sorry for your tree... will you probably make a painting of it? it could live forever then :)

Julienne said...

Well that will teach me to go to both sites first before I comment!
We lost our big shade tree (camphor laurel) about two years ago. It grew half in our place, half next door and had a preservation, historical order on it. Next door got his friends to cut it down before we could stop it. House now heats up horribly and I miss it. So pleased you have a silver lining!
I really do love your paintings.

{ the vintage wren } said...

Oh, how sad. I love trees so much, and if I only had one like the one you had I would be soooo happy. It's nice that there is a bright side though, I'm sure it is very nice to have more light flooding into your home, and a vegetable garden is so rewarding. Your artwork is beautiful. Take Care, Carrie

oldgreymare said...

This makes me sad and scared. I discovered bores in my largest tree last month after two branches broke off. I gave it medicine but won't know if it can be saved for some time.

It is vital that mine survive since it blocks the 113 degree sun in the summers of lala land.

It is nice to hear that you will have some benefits from the increase in sunlight in your yard. Great to see glass half full.