Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Donatella's Arrival~New Work

   I have so much to say about this painting.  First of all, I wish you could see her in person because again,  my photograph does not fully capture the details.  I was definitely inspired  by some Frida Kahlo paintings  as well as vintage fashion photography.  Love Pinterest!   I wanted to bring together my love of flowers, with textiles, and fashion.  People often ask me who the women are in my paintings.  I have no idea~they just evolve but  all look a bit similar I think. Going forward I plan on doing more work that reflects my Italian heritage.   This painting is 20x24 painted on a cradled birch wood panel.  The sides are painted to match therefore it can be left unframed if desired.  Thank you for looking.  Catherine

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Unknown said...

Your art is absolutely stunning and so very beautiful! It's hard to pick a favourite because all of your paintings are amazing, but I think this is the one! It's a complete WOW! I am so glad I found your gallery - you are such an inspiration. Regards, Lindsay