Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Fine Art Giveaway!

I can't believe it's November. Time for my fine art giveaway. This month I am doing things a little differently.

I am giving away an 8x10 fine art print of your choosing matted and framed!

1. Simply go to my Etsy shop and pick the print you would like to win.

2. Become a follower if you haven't already.

3. comment on the print you would like to win.

I will pick the winner on November 10th by Google randomizer.


Carapace said...

I love your St.Francis of Assis print! Well, all your prints actually, but that one, with its sense of openness and invitation, is my favorite.

who certainly follows you!

Felicity said...


Although I would be very happy to have any of your gorgeous pieces in our home, the 'Tree of Life' is the ultimate prize.

Hoping that you're enjoying a wonderful day,

Felicity x

Anonymous said...

I, too love the one of St. Francis of Assisi. We have 2 statues of St. Francis on our mantle in the living room and the print would look great hanging near the statues. And I am a cat lover, and the little kitty is so sweet looking out the door.

iheartart said...

Catherine it is so hard to choose - I already have Henri's couch so I am trying to decide what compliments it. I do love Boticelli By the Sea & looks great sitting next to Henri on Etsy so I will go for that one...

Love Katie

Kofi Ichu said...

Having difficulties to choose between

Ode to Pablo - - because I like contract between red and blue... and Picasso fan

Henri's Red Couh - - Love Matisse and your work is so Matisse-like - so this one is combining everything in one piece

Thanks for giveaway
And following you !

Unknown said...

Another tough choice Catherine! I'm luv'g Dreaming of Italy, but have to go with your "The
Writers Room". The New Yorker covers have always captivated me...

Catherine Nolin said...

adding Linda G. oh Suzani

Catherine Nolin said...

adding Sarah

jxl1972 said...

I have 2 prints: The Writers Room and Searching in Storms (for my son who has lost his way).

I would be honored to have I READ THE NEWS TODAY

I too am a BEATLES FAN.

Thank you for the chance!

poppy lovesaparty said...

I have fallen in love with Reflections in the Key of Gray. I'll either have to win the lottery or wait for it to become a print. I am equally as infatuated with Sweet William and would be thrilled if I were to win a print of that beautiful paintin.

La Petite Gallery said...

My favorite is the painting of Beacon hill.


James said...

I have just the spot for "The Writer's Room". A very wonderful giveaway.

Nicole Terry Merrell said...

Oh I LOVE the tree of life! Gorgeous! I think Im a follower-but I'll follow again.

Karen Sugarman Designs said...

Hi Catherine-

I read your comments on Karina's blog and was thrilled to find someone from Andover!

Your paintings are really exquisite. My favorite print is "Window Shopping". However, that "Queen of Hearts" painting is also stunning. It's like being a kid in a candy store - such beautiful paintings from a very talented artist.

simply blue said...

Oh my God! I just found you. I love the colors and energy of your art. It's beautiful!!!!