Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sister's Harbor

This Thursday I am participating in The Ogunquit Art Show in downtown Ogunquit ME. Sister number 3, Susan, lives in York which is right down the street and will be helping me for the day. I 've never done this show so I am not sure what to expect but Ogunquit is beautiful and a very hip little town. Susan, sister number 3 , (out of the five I have), owns a wonderful Italian restaurant called "Pece Kitchen" close by in Portsmouth N. H. Portsmouth is another great seaside town. This painting is called "Sister's Harbor." The quaint little harbor in the background is actually in Portsmouth. ( but my five sisters don't really look like that!)
Don't forget about my fine art giveaway. Saturday the 28th is the drawing. To participate simply leave a comment about your favorite flower and and a way to be contacted on this blog. I will be posting two new paintings early this week. I am really excited about them. They are taking me a bit longer than I planned~ as usual.

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Yvette said...

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS painting, Catherine. As usual, I ADORE your use of color, especially red.