Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Giveaway

I meant to post this last night. I have decided to stick with another framed fine art print for August. This reproduction is from my original painting, "Sweet William," which I believe has found a nice home in Texas. Speaking of Sweet William, I noticed mine coming back again in my overgrown but good intentioned garden. Looks more like Grey Gardens if you know what I mean! I have become a huge fan of Chinoiserie items over the past few years and love to incorporate them into my work.

All you have to do to be entered into my Giveaway is to leave a comment here about your favorite flower. That's it. I will pick the winner on Saturday August 28th.

I am getting ready for an art show in Ogunquit ME for anyone who is in the area on Thursday August 26th. Please stop by and say hello!


Gina said...

Hi Catherine, my favorite flower is a Salpiglossis. It is an annual which comes in many beautiful colors. It never fails to be noticed in my garden. It is not well known but easy to grow. The Salpiglossis or Velvet Flower is a cross between a Petunia and a Tobacco Flower.

Melinda said...

Hey Cathy!!! My favorite flower is Lily of the Valley. I love that they are shaped like little bells... but the smell is what really makes me swoon. For such a tiny little thing, it has such an amazingly heavenly scent!

Bella said...

Beautiful! Since I was the lucky winner last month, it wouldn't be fair for me to enter again so soon, so don't count me in, but I thought I'd share my favorite flowers anyway: Daisies and hydrangeas. There is something so cheerful about a vase full of white daisies - and I find hydrangeas to just be so pretty. Good luck to everyone - the framed print I won last month is gorgeous. It has already found its home in my dining room. :)

Yvette said...

Hi Catherine, my favorite flower is the runnuncula (did I even spell it right?). Clumsy name for a beautifully bright and blowsy flower.

Lucy said...

Hi Catherine. I am just swooning over another one of your beautiful paintings. My favourite flower would be violets because they remind me of my mother. She always picked a bunch to put on her bedside table. Keep painting and smiling.
Love Lucy

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hello Catherine, I have seen your so beautiful art at Ada and Darcy blog and came here to let you know how I have loved your paintings, specially because you paint lots of flowers in wonderful chinoiserie vases.
So good you are having a giveaway and will love to participate... my favorite flowers are roses and always roses!!!!
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia

Gifts of Serendipity said...

Hi Catherine,
I do love anything with scent.
Little pink sweet-peas are in a vase beside my bed at the moment and last week I was lucky to have a gorgeous display of the darkest purple hyacinths. Jonquils are flowering in my garden and the honey bees are starting to buzz.
But my favourite flowers of all time are the unexpected bunch picked from the garden and presented by someone I love.
x Felicity