Friday, May 14, 2010

The Sicilian 7

Last November My five sisters and my mother took a trip of a life time to Sicily. We stayed in a villa in beautiful Taormina and took my mother to the place her parents were born, Trecastagni. It wasn't easy getting it all together leaving our husbands, families, children, pets but it was so worth it. Although at the time it seemed so surreal to me, I have wonderful memories. This is one of them. Here we are, The Sicilian Seven, minus me walking down an old side street in Guardia Naxos. I was taking the photo.


Anonymous said...
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Brando said...

Only one of her kids would perhaps see this/appreciate, but the best part of your Sicilian 7 painting (which I like overall) is the way you captured our mother. It's awesome. Dead on. Not just the hands behind the back, but something much more spectacular. Sasha, and the essence of Buggea!

As for Jack Lemmon, he was only nominated for Days of Wine and Roses, as he was for the superior 1960 Billy Wilder film, The Apartment. You've probably seen it, but if not, do.

Ok, hermana. I must leave Arizona now.

Catherine Nolin said...

I stand corrected Brando.