Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picatso III

This is my third variation on Picatso. The first one was bought this past summer in Beacon Hill by a sweet gentleman who gave free lectures at the MFA. The second one by another Beacon Hill resident. This latest version is quite different. I also tried out some new paints that took me some time to get use to.
Today was a real regrouping day for me. Working at home, painting at home, makes it difficult to stay on task. I find myself doing a million things before i get to my painting . I tend to loose my drive, creativity when i don't get right to it.
This piece is 16x20 . I still love cats even though i have a yellow lab that scared our tiger cat Barney away 8 years ago. My kids still think they see Barney living a few streets over. Maybe.

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