Friday, June 24, 2011

Sorry blog

I have not been faithful to my blog lately.  Partly because I have been on a creative spree and just can't seem to stop long enough to say anything!  Also, my youngest son Samuel will be home for 9 days starting July 2nd for his school break and I will not be able to do anything else except care for him during that time.  I am a bit anxious about having him home since I don't really have help that week.  It's my own fault for not thinking ahead and planning but it seemed to come out of no where.  I will be OK and probably gain some good insight through the process.  being with Sam really helps put things into perspective for me. 
This is a commission I finished a few days ago.  I am working on a 16x20 botanical piece that I hope to finish this weekend. 
July 23rd is The Manchester By The Sea Fine Art Festival.  I am really looking forward to this event.  It was a big success last year.  Manchester By The Sea is a beautiful little town on the North Shore of Massachusetts.


The enchanted home said...

Summer is a time for us all to spread our wings as we shed behind the responsibilites that seem to be in full force in the winter and spring...not that we can totally abandon everything but in the summer, I feel "freer" than I do any other season so its natural for all of us to go in other directions and maybe not be able to post as often......enjoy your sons visit. Is that picture at the top of your blog new? It is so incredible, it took my breath away. The colors are out of this world!!

tammy said...

i LOVE your paintings!! wonderful, wonderful....yummmm

pve design said...

I love your honesty. I think as artists and Mothers we must know that there is a time and place and honoring both those we love and that we love to do takes a life to learn how to balance. I think trying to do both can be a challenge but so rewarding when we can have both happily co-exist.
Your work is lovely, as I am sure your little one too.