Monday, June 14, 2010

Dreaming Of Italy

This is a new painting I just finished today. It contains so many things I love, peonies, the Italian coast, orange and green, patron saints, birds, patterns and colors. I seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of the family trip to Sicily we took back in November of 09. I never once opened my sketch book there, but my jaw was dropped most of the time. A bit overwhelming i suppose. Anyway, this painting is 11x14 done on gallery wrapped cotton and linen. It will be for sale in my Etsy shop after I email a few customers who have been inquiring about this new painting. (Exciting position to be in !)
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One more thing. this photo does not do justice to this painting I am afraid. I labor over taking photos of my work trying to take the most accurate shot possible but today was a little too cloudy and gray and I was to anxious to wait.


Eileen said...

Beautiful. Love it. Your work is so vibrant and alive.

Concrete Jungle said...

Adore the colour...dreaming of Italy now....