Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bird Watchers

Over the years I have developed such an appreciation of birds from my in-laws. Ever since I can remember Ray and Barbara have been watching, feeding and identifying birds and keeping the squirrels off their many bird feeders. Over the Christmas break we visited them. We sat looking out their large sliding glass door at the many birds eating from the feeders. These little creatures are pretty amazing and stuck with me.This painting is 11x14 on stretched cotton and linen done with acrylics.


Carapace said...

How gorgeous! Where is this beautiful scene? I mean, what general part of the world? Your paintings are so full of color, like it's eternal summer.

Catherine Nolin said...

Thank you Carapace!It isn't any particular place. I piece together images from my imagination, things I might see in a book or magazine, places I have been. Wait until you see my next one!