Monday, June 22, 2009

The Boys Of Willowbrea

This contemporary 24 x 36 abstract painting could be from a Soho gallery but actually was created by a group of special young men. I was asked quite a while ago to help decorate the walls of the residential house my son with autism lives in. I thought it would be great experience for the students, that lived at the house, to be the creators of the art work they would be seeing every day.
This is the first piece in a series of four paintings for the living area. I wasn't sure what to expect. Each student chose a color and had a different way of applying the paint. This was the gorgeous result. I enjoyed working with them so much. I can't wait to go back to watch them create the next work of art. I am not a huge fan of contemporary paintings but I am now. I am honored to have this opportunity.

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Betsy Brock said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! And I love that the boys did it!